Tuesday, January 21, 2014

To Compare is Divine. Just Kidding.

I woke up to this sunrise, isn't it ridiculously beautiful?  An original.  Just like each of us.
Sorry, I know that's reaching. I just really wanted to share this photo. ;)

When I compare myself to others, not only is it fun, it makes me feel so good. - Said no one ever

Ok I made that one up.  But I found some much better quotes by much wiser people.  

Comparison is the thief of joy. – Theodore Roosevelt

Stop comparing yourself to other people; you are an original.  We are all different and it’s ok.  – Joyce Meyers

Don’t compare yourself to anyone in this world… you’re just insulting yourself.  -Bill Gates

Such great advice.  Advice that I follow all the time.  Uh huh.  Sure I do.

It’s struck me that while I’ve suffered from I Suck Compared to Others Syndrome my whole life, lately, it's been rampant. 

It has a lot to do with where I am in my life at this moment.  Let’s just say, it’s not where I thought I’d be.  It’s not a bad thing.  I’m pretty happy with my life, actually.  But, there are always areas that could use improvement.

Like my body.  Over the holidays, I kinda took a little break from working out, and eating healthy (a tad embarrassing since I’m in Nutrition School).  So I’m not thrilled with how I look.  

And I have some beautiful friends.  Some really skinny, beautiful friends.  I love them to pieces, but sometimes—sometimes—ugh.  Just ugh.

I start comparing.  And once the comparisons start, my brain is all too delighted to kick into overdrive to help me find a plethora (oh SAT word, I finally get to use you!) of reasons why I don’t measure up.  

She’s so thin.  I bet she doesn’t eat cookies.  I should really stop eating cookies.

I wish I had her yoga-toned arms.  Mine look like jello.  Wobble wobble.

Her waist is so tiny!  Could my dress be any tighter?  I can barely breathe over here.  

And my apartment.  I used to own, but now I’m renting.  And while I’m grateful for my little space, it makes me feel sooooo behind.  Especially when my much younger sister’s best friend just bought a brand spankin’ new house.  Ouch.

I could go on and on.  But I won’t.  Because I need to stop. 

The problem with comparing, besides making me feel like complete crap, is that it invalidates me.  Imperfectly wonderful, hopelessly flawed, beautiful me.    

What is incredibly difficult for me to remember in those moments of comparing—because let's face it, it’s just so flipping EASY, isn’t it?—is that it’s perfectly fine to be me.   

Scratch that.  It’s fabulous, marvelous and dazzling to be me.

God made me exactly as I am, and he’s placed me exactly where I’m meant to be.  I’m working on not just accepting this, but reveling in it.  It’s time to stop criticizing, and start celebrating.  

So here’s to stopping the comparisons and focusing on the unique amazingness that is me, that is you, that is all of us.  (Side note: yes, I make up words.  All the time.  Welcome to my fun little world).

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this post! Thank you for being a REAL person, your journey inspires me daily, and you make my own "amazingness" seem that much more attainable!